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Verifying PDF Integrity

The Cyber Risk Rating Portal issues multiple documents at the end of the rating process for every supplier. The documents are among others the Cyber Risk Rating Certificate which contains the overall rating scores for the supplier along with the WebRisk score and the Cyber Risk Rating Assessment Report that lists the answers of the supplier along with the validation results.

To ensure the integrity of the documents and prevent potential compromises by others during the download process, a signature file for each document is added that contains the signed digest per document. By signing the digest, the document integrity is guaranteed as changing the document's content would consequently create a different digest, failing to match the provided signature. Additionally, the signature cannot be altered given that it was signed using our own secret RSA private key. The algorithms used for the process are SHA256 to create digest of the document and RSA PKCS#1 v1.5 for the signing.

Verifying the integrity on the command line

It is advised to verify the integrity of each document after downloading them as a zipped archive. For each document, the corresponding signature file .sig represents the signed digest in byte form. Furthermore, the public key that was used on our side is required. It can be downloaded here: Cyber Risk Rating Signature Public Key.

The verification can be done using OpenSSL v1.1.1f or above.

$ openssl dgst -sha256 -verify -signature Cyber-Risk-Rating-Report-Valid.pdf.sha256.sig Cyber-Risk-Rating-Report-Valid.pdf
Verified OK

If the documents are compromised, the verification will fail. In this case, contact `` immediately for further help.

$ openssl dgst -sha256 -verify -signature Cyber-Risk-Rating-Report-Valid.pdf.sha256.sig Cyber-Risk-Rating-Report-Compromised.pdf
Verification Failure

CyberRisk Rating Signature Public Key

You can download the signature key as file here: Cyber Risk Rating Signature Public Key,

or use the plain text version printed below:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----