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Issue Handling

There are 2 types of actions, that can bei set to resolve issues:

  • Resolve / Acknowledge
  • Ignore

Resolve an issue


By resolving an issue, the compliance monitor assumes that the cause has been fixed. 

e.g.: If you resolve an issue for a cookie named "XYZ", we assume that this cookie was removed from the website and will not be detected again. If it is still present on the website, and we detect a cookie "XYZ" again on the next scan of the website, we will open a new issue. 

Why is a new issue opened? 

We create a new issue, because then we have the track record of closed and "reopened" issues. Otherwise it would not be possible to tell, if an issue has been detected and meant to be resolved before. 

The consequence is maybe that there are "duplicates" of issues. 

How to resolve an issue?

An issue can be resolved by simply using the "Check" button aside the issue entry. This will open up a modal form (title: "Close issue") where it is possible to add a comment for future reference. 

e.g.: if you ignore a cookie-issue named "ABC", the system will not create a new issue if a cookie with the name "ABC" is detected again on this website.

After committing with the "Close" button, the issue is marked as resolved and moved to the "Done" Tab. 

Alongside with the comment we also store the userID and date when the action happened. That allows further transparency from whom the issue was closed through the compliance monitoring portal.


* Use the check-button to perform an action on an issue

Ignore an issue

When ignoring an issue, the portal assumes that this issue is intended and, in compliance terms, compliant with either the company guidelines and or regulatory guides. 

Therefore when we detect an ignored issue again on a website, we will not open a new issue, because it was ignored in the past. The comment feature can be used to take a note on why this decision was made. With any action performed on an issue, the userID and date will be stored, so it can be tracked who decided to close the issue. 

How to ignore an issue

Ignoring an issue is as simple as resolving it and follows the same principle. Just use the check-button aside the issue entry. When the modal to close the issue pops up, don't forget to tick the checkbox for ignoring an issue. 


* to ignore an issue, just activate the checkbox in the closing modal to do so.