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Content alerts

Nimbusec KB Understand Nimbusec Results And Alerts

Defacement Websites are the most public representation of any modern enterprise. This combination of high publicity with complex technology makes websites a prime target for political hacktivists who aim to embarrass a company and cause as much damage as poss...

Incident Response - Website Cleanup

Nimbusec KB Guides

Table of Contents About It may happen that your website got hacked - spreads malicious files or was defaced or is suddenly blacklisted. This guide tells you the steps what you should do to get your systems up and running again and also support investigations...

Fading out results

Nimbusec KB Understand Nimbusec Results And Alerts

An issue will be faded out when it is not seen again in between 2 weeks. This keeps your domain dashboard clean.

Server side alerts

Nimbusec KB Understand Nimbusec Results And Alerts

Malware Definition Malware is short for "malicious software". In Nimbusec, malware usually refers to viruses, worms, trojan horses, Java script exploits and many other types of software that aim to compromise a website visitor's computer. How is it detected...

Reputation Alerts

Nimbusec KB Understand Nimbusec Results And Alerts

Suspicious Redirects What is it? A suspicious redirect is a redirect that has changed. Redirects are tracked with each scan, and if the redirect chain changes e.g. to a malicious website, or doesn't match the expected pattern a warning for suspicious behavio...

GDPR Export Description

Compliance Monitor GDPR Export Description

General Information The GDPR export contains all collected information/results of the performed GDPR scan(same information as in the Nimbusec compliance monitor).Information is split in 4 main categories Inputs Cookies Tracker [Content] (optional) Al...

Nimbusec WSM - Available Data

Nimbusec KB Integration Projects

This page provides an overview of available data fields that can (partly already, partly to be implemented if required) passed on via our custom integrations within Website Security Monitor. Current Webhook Format Customer id Identifier to query addi...

Issue and Event overview

Nimbusec KB Understand Nimbusec Results And Alerts

Nimbusec Website Security Monitor Issue Types 2022 Category Issue Types Descritpion Malware Malware Malicious code fragments are found on a Web page. Typical examples would be, amongst others, credit card skimmers, crypto miners or tec...

Agent Configuration

Nimbusec KB Server Agent

This how-to describes the manual configuration of the Server Agent Known Limitation Please note: The upload size of the analysis result is limited to 750MB. To ensure consistency of results, the data will not be analysed if the limit is exceeded. All errors of...

Docker Image

Nimbusec KB Server Agent

Nimbusec Server Agent Docker Image This docker image is intended for use with the Website Security Monitor by KSV1870 Nimbusec ( Use of this image requires an active subscription to Website Security Monitor. This image is published under ...

Two factor authentication

Nimbusec KB FAQ

First you have to click on your username in the top right corner and select the "Change password" function. Here you have the option to choose between 3 possibilities to activate the two-factor authentication. If you want to choose option 3 “Text M...

Verifying PDF Integrity EN

CyberRisk Rating

Verifying PDF Integrity Table of Contents Verifying the integrity on the command line CyberRisk Rating Signature Public Key The Cyber Risk Rating Portal issues multiple documents at the end of the rating process for every supplier. The documents are am...

Frequently asked questions 2021

CyberRisk Rating

Frequently asked questions are answered on this page. If a question is missing or has not been answered sufficiently, please contact our CyberRisk Service Team by email at Why do i get a request for a cyberrisk rating? Cyber risks such as IT...

Frequently asked questions 2023

CyberRisk Rating

Contact details in case you have any questions: KSV1870 Nimbusec GmbH +43 (732) / 860 626 Kaisergasse 16b, 4020 Linz What are the benefits for customers? Users of the CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 receive a standardised process to rate a...

Sync domains in a hosting environment automatically

Nimbusec KB Guides

Use Case: If you are a hoster you probably want to synchronize available domains with nimbusec automatically. Tools to use: nimbusec sync-domains script nimbusec create-agent-configuration script Steps: Download the nimbusec agent from the nimbuse ...

Discovery Webhooks

Nimbusec KB Integrations

Overview Webhooks allow you to build or set up applications which subscribe to new reports in your Discovery account. When a new report was generated, we'll send a HTTP POST payload to the webhook's configured URL. Webhooks can be used to update an ex...

Nimbusec Webhooks

Nimbusec KB Integrations

Overview Webhooks allow you to build or set up applications which subscribe to certain alerts in your Nimbusec account. When one of those alerts is triggered, we'll send a HTTP POST payload to the webhook's configured URL. Webhooks can be used to update an ex...

Plesk - Nimbusec Webhosting Security

Nimbusec KB Integrations

This how-to guide describes the usage of the Nimbusec Webhosting Security Plugin for Plesk. Installation & Uninstallation There are two ways on how the manage the installation and uninstallation of the Plesk plugin. Manage through Plesk extension store For...